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My inspiration comes from scenes in and around Virginia and locations from other parts of the world.  Presently most of my paintings are done in my home studio and occassionaly plein-air.  When photographing a particular scene I try to capture the feeling of a location with light and shadow.  Although I classify myself as a photo realist most of my paintings are more representational of a photograph.  I feel that having a firm background in drawing helps me to prepare a landscape that is both realistic and inviting.  I particularly like to challange myself with composition and perspective.  Many people who see my landscapes comment that they feel as though they could walk right into my painting.  My goal is to maintain that kind of emotional response.  If I am painting a landscape I try to keep a sense of mystery and intrigue in my work.  When I am painting a scene from a warm summers day I try to create a sense of warmth that relates to that scene. 

In my earlier days our family lived in Tokyo, Japan for four years.  To keep myself busy I took painting classes in oil with two amazing sensei who taught me composition and color harmony. I also took classes in watercolor and sumi-e. Once I was introduced to oil painting it far exceeded my desire to paint with any other medium.  Today I continue painting landscapes, animals, people and still life in oil.   My love of nature keeps me painting.   I classify myself as a photo realism artist.  Recently I started painting more in plein air.   I make sketches that serve as my starting point, then simplify and exaggerate, interpret and suggest, until I'm satisfied with my impression of a scene.  When the sketch is finished I then move onto the canvas and start the painting letting my passion take over.

I hope you have enjoyed my paintings as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Appointments are encouraged and commissions are welcome. 703 216-2470 or

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