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I am a retired Federal executive who began taking art classes as a change of pace from working at the Office of Management and Budget. I have always loved art and wanted to learn more about the how the masters saw the world by learning how to draw.  In my mid forties,
I signed up for a Saturday morning drawing class at the Spring Hill Recreation Center in McLean based on Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  It worked. From there I took drawing night classes at the Washington Studio School, The Torpedo Factory, and the Corcoran School of Art.

When I left the Federal Government in 2001, I worked as a VP at a national consulting firm and stopped drawing almost completely.  Finally in retirement a couple of years ago, I had the time to focus on oil painting. I took painting lessons with Adrienne Kralick’s at her Studio on the Green at the Village Center in Great Falls and Jack Boul at the Washington Studio School. Their teaching and painting style encouraged me to join with four other of Adrienne’s students and we created a painters co-op, Artists on the Green. 

My main interest in oil painting is leaning how to look and see shapes and colors. For me, it’s about the challenge of understanding the perspective of what we see and then to create on canvass an experience that lasts and can be shared. I especially like to find tension and harmony in the brightest colors. 

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