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I specialize in contemporary realistic oil paintings. I am partial to landscapes and still life because those subjects lend themselves to stories. I love telling stories. Like the master painters of the past, I try to tell a story with each of my paintings. I hope to engage the viewer so thoroughly that his eyes need to wander all around the painting picking up details and nuances. 

I am inspired to paint everyday life and I find delight in depicting seemingly insignificant occurrences such as a colorful batch of peppers vying for the chance to be made into salsa or an abandoned farm ready to be recycled into an elementary school.  I am fascinated by the way light falls on a subject with the resulting shadows and variations of color. I try to show energy, vibrancy and movement by depicting strong shadow and light. I hope that each of my paintings engages the viewer with something to say.  Hopefully, the viewer comes away with an enlightened vision of the subject.


My work has been exhibited at juried shows at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA and the Art at the Mill, Millwood, VA. Additionally, my work has been displayed at the Red Barn, Waterford, Virginia; The Living with Cancer Institute, Fairfax, VA; the Fairfax County Public Library and the Great Falls Studio Tour, Great Falls, VA.

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